About Burgess Stockwell

As a Human Resources Executive whose objective is to align human resource functions with the long term goals of various companies, Burgess Stockwell utilizes over 14 years of professional senior management experience. Burgess Stockwell has specific expertise in human resource management, employee relations, payroll, recruiting, labor law, accident prevention programs, and general administration and bookkeeping. To meet a company’s strategic and operational needs, Burgess Stockwell remains focused on the company’s long-term goals and outlook, effectively developing and streamlining human resource functions.
Burgess Stockwell’s professional career in human resources began with a position as the Director of HR for Radiance Medical Systems, Inc., an Irvine, California, organization that manufactures medical devices for use in cardiovascular surgical procedures. During her employment there, Burgess Stockwell provided leadership support for addressing employee issues and developed a helpful documentation process to handle these matters. In addition, Burgess Stockwell customized a new hiring process, creating content for practical orientations and useful employee exit interviews. As Radiance Medical Systems expanded, Burgess Stockwell continued to develop the publicly traded company’s HR support network to help it advance efficiently.

After working for Radiance Medical Systems until January 2002, Burgess Stockwell took on new challenges and opportunities with HR Foundations and EZ Lube before becoming the Managing Partner of HRS&G (Human Resources Strategy & Growth) in 2010. During her time at HR Foundations, Burgess Stockwell provided services to a wide range of small to mid-size companies. These services included injury and illness prevention, compliance and documentation, and sexual harassment training.

At EZ Lube, Burgess Stockwell was the Vice President of Human Resources & Training and Development. Burgess Stockwell assisted in improving compliance and aligning the recruiting and hiring process during EZ Lube’s expansion, as she had in her prior position at Radiance Medical Systems. Currently, Burgess Stockwell offers personalized HR products through HRS&G, providing a wealth of knowledge about the best practices of modern businesses personnel management.

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