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Burgess Stockwell on Human Resources Issues: Fair Labor Standards Act

As Managing Partner at HRS&G, a human resources and professional management consultancy in Corona del Mar, California, Burgess Stockwell boasts nearly 15 years of experience in the field. She graciously agreed to share her expertise in a few areas of her work, specifically the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Human resources departments frequently work with the FLSA, which governs minimum wage and overtime and helps to define exempt and nonexempt employees. Burgess Stockwell helps employers sort out the FLSA in order to comply with the law.

Question: Can you tell me what the FLSA does?

Burgess Stockwell: The FLSA is a federal law that mandates fair wages for employees. Question: Do all employers have to comply with FLSA, or are there any exceptions? Burgess Stockwell: All employers must comply with the law, regardless of how big the company is, how much money it brings in, or how many employees it has.

Question: Could you outline the basics of the Act for us?

Burgess Stockwell: Well, the FLSA sets the federal minimum wage, which can change from year to year. The law also defines overtime and sets a minimum overtime pay. Some employees are exempt from overtime guidelines, and the law specifies which jobs fall into that category as well. In addition, the FLSA lays out minimum wages and rules for tipped employees, like waiters and hairdressers.

Question: How does the FLSA determine whether an employee is exempt from its regulations?

Burgess Stockwell: Exempt employees need to make at least $455 per week, receive a salary rather than an hourly wage, and perform certain types of jobs. The most common classification of those jobs is “white collar exemptions.” White collar exemptions refer to managers, administrators, and professionals engaged in artistic, scientific, or creative work. Outside salespeople and employees who work on computers are often exempt as well.

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Human Resources Strategy & Growth

Holding nearly 15 years of experience as a human resources (HR) executive, Burgess Stockwell applies herself as a Managing Partner of Human Resources Strategy & Growth (HRSG), a California-based firm she founded in 2010 in Corona del Mar. Providing individually tailored HR solutions to small- and medium-sized companies in a wide array of industries, Burgess Stockwell focuses services on loss prevention, strategic planning, infrastructure reorganization, employee recruiting, performance reviews, company handbook creation or revision, sexual harassment training, and other HR issues. She stays committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in her work and to optimally streamlining all relevant areas of the business practice, ensuring that HRSG client companies receive frank and pointed assessments in a timely manner.

Recognizing the inherent value of a solid HR foundation to any company with multiple employees, Burgess Stockwell composes organizational appraisals in which she provides unique perspectives on HR that she garners from her own professional activities. Burgess Stockwell brings extensive knowledge of HR law and regulatory mandates to her leadership role at HRSG and dedicates work efforts to initiating a positive transformation that will result in long-term success at a client company. After identifying a business’s key strengths and weaknesses, HRSG immediately crafts a developmental plan, designing its tactical approach to utilize the client’s financial and managerial resources to the utmost degree. HRSG positions itself as a collaborative partner and decisively integrates numerous HR functions, consistently earning accolades for the effective, yet nontraditional, assistance provided by HRSG. To learn more about Burgess Stockwell and HRSG, visit